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Anthony Trupiano

CEO & Founder



When I was 16 years old my father died suddenly of heart failure at the age of 45 and our lives as our family knew it were turned upside down. We quickly learned that my father did not have any life insurance or retirement planning in place, so our mother had to sell our home and move over an hour away for a job leaving my twin brother and I to take care for ourselves. With no place to call home, my brother and I had to support ourselves at the young age of 16. This experience made me vow to never put my future family in the same position.

My passion for creating Safe Money Solutions and writing the book Insurance Lies was cultivated from my own personal experience as a teenage boy and it drives me to want to help as many families as possible to plan properly with regards to their insurance and financial affairs.

Anthony R. Trupiano is the founder of Trupiano & Associates and Safe Money Solutions. He is also a Certified Family Business Specialist (CFBS) as well as an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR). His book, “Insurance Lies” made the top 50 hot new releases for business and investing when launched on and his most recent book "SAFE MONEY" was released in 2015.